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Good Food Makes For Better Decisions

Press Immediate Release…   

Chef Murph Launches New TV Show

Murph’s American Kitchen with Chef Murph

Good Food makes for better decisions

 Chef Murph, aka Keith Murphy from Washington Township NJ. Currently, on ROKU Channels FoodyTV & FoodistTV, He has filmed a cooking show pilot "Murph's American Kitchen." Hexane Productions of Long Island NY, They agreed to begin filming 13 Episodes and distributing the show.

 Chef Murph, aka Keith Murphy from Washington Township, NJ Currently on ROKU channels FoodyTV and Foodist TV has filmed a cooking show pilot, "Murph’s American Kitchen,."Hexane Productions in Long Island, NY has agreed to filming, editing and distributing the 13 episodes of the show hosted and owned by Keith Murphy, Cooking in Cold Grease Productions,

 Marty Gutman, Executive Producer at Hexane Productions stated, "I am looking forward to working with Chef Murph and getting started on this great, new project. We are excited about working together to produce a fun, entertaining, and informative show that features great food! Networks saw the show and they loved it! and the concept!"

Chef Murph strongly believes, “Good food makes for better decisions”. He a wants to help people learn the importance of properly preparing food, eating of the right foods and checking temp.” Murph’s American Kitchen" will show the diversity of cultures that has helped to make America great!!

Chef Murph, volunteer cooking regularly at soup kitchens and missions around the country like St. Paul Church, Camden, NJ., Buffalo City Mission in Buffalo, NY.  Chef Murph was an American long haul Trucker with over 25+ years, 3.2 million miles driving in 49 states and 3 Providences of Canada and cooked at seafood restaurant.  He is a graduate of Escoffier International Culinary Academy in Hoffman Estates, Chicago IL, specializing in: Culinary, Pastry, and World Spices and Salts, Wine Sommelier from Mediterranean Wine School, Malta EU.

Chef Murph’s memberships include VFW Veterans’ of Foreign Wars, ACF American Culinary Foundation, Collaborating Chefs, American Tilapia Growers, US Freshwater Prawn Growers Assoc. South Jersey Screenwriters, Phila. Independent Filmmakers Association, PANMA Phila.  Area New Media Association, Phila. Video Professional Group, No Kid Hungry, and founding partner in the World Alliance of Hospitality Professionals.

Currently, he is on a quest for knowledge about anything pertaining to nutrition, health and food production to help his fellow man in need. He has studied Supply Chain Logistics at MIT, Food Production at Cornell University and Child Nutrition at Stanford University He is also writing a series of free downloadable cookbooks about health eating. Including, hard bound books. About the melting pot of food and culture. He calls Global Fusion Americana 

“Our lives are about relationships and we learn from our experiences be them positive or negative,

  Show some love and cook for somebody” asserts

Chef Murph