Oh My God I'm Fat

I started the OMGIMFAT show when I was doing education on Obesity at John Hopkins University in Baltimore. I was told I was fat and overweight. Found that I had a Thyroid problem. I work every day on the farm and on the road throwing roofing shingles, meats and unloading trucks at shelters.  I was fat but the 7 adults were weak that they called healthily.  I out weighted everyone in my class by 140 pounds. But I could do more pushups, more pull ups, run longer and faster and bench my weight. I was also 30 Years older. Here was the kicker I was Fat. But I did not have high blood pressure or cholesterol mine was fine. But the healthy ones all had problems. 

So I started a page to help people.  Now doing a pilot to help people lose weight and be healthy


Good Food, Makes for Better Decisions... Chef Murph