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Value you as a follower, So my sites, blogs are kinda basic, meaning you searching for data. Have been Awarded one of the Top 100 Chef Blogs for the last 3 years. Including top 2% Food influencers worldwide. Your mission to get in and get out,  adding to what you know.  If you need something quick hit me up on Facebook  @ChefMurph  

Example: In blogs, you might see a Pork Recipe, I am thinking that your knowledgeable and responsible enough being head of your kitchen. To taking an internal temperature of 145° F, followed by a three/five-minute rest period.  Knowing that you are going to temp your food. It's your Family's Safety.

PS Get the Kids involved (LBE) Leadership By Example. 

Good Food, Makes for Better Decisions... Chef Murph

Chef Murph, Teaching children to temp food