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​Chefs Collaborative 
American Culinary Federation
Association of Pastry Chefs

American Institute of Food and Wine

Morning Star Fisherman
Humans For People Foundation

Ayurvedic Vegetarian  Cooking
Wild Foodies of Philly
MVB - WMMR Jacky Bam Bam show

Tesla Science Foundation
Ronald McDonald House- South Jersey
American Cancer -Team WMMR 
Gray Matt'er Brain Cancer Soicity 
NO Kid Hungry
Clean Plate Foundation

MIT Enterprise of Philadelphia
MIT Alumni Association
Harvard Alumni Association
Escoffier Alumni Association

American Legion
VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars
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US Ranger Association
101ST Airborne Association
82nd All American Association

US Prawn Growers Association
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US Aquaponics Growers Association

Phila. Independent Filmmakers Association
PANMA Phila. Area New media Association
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Owner–Operator Independent Drivers Assoc.

Executive Chef, Pro Chef, Celeberty Chef trained at Escoffier in  Culinary and Pastry Arts.  ..


Top 100 Chef Blogs in the world over the past 3 years

Over 100 Books, 1000 Articles, 30K Recipes 

Chef Murph AKA Keith Thomas Murphy(born c.1958 in Camden NJ) Daddy, Celebrity Chef, Executive Chef, Restaurateur, Wine Sommelier, Author, Farmer, Flatbed Cowboy, X Federal Law Enforcement Officer,  US Veteran,  Brain Cancer Survivor and has Autism.

Can't Change the past, but you can change the future.

Chef Murph’s working history spans over 35+ years of including Military, Law Enforcement, Logistics, Farming, and Cooking.

Cooking: Chef Murph graduated from Escoffier Culinary Academy in 2008 in Both Culinary and Pastry. Gourmet Cooking, at the Culinary Institute of America, Herbal studies at UCLA. While working 3 jobs as a Su Chef, The Harbor House, Line Chef Bait Box and Driving before becoming the Executive Chef, Humans4People Foundation.  Member of ACF American Culinary Federation. Including  Pastry Chef Society of America.  Member of the Board of Directors: GMBTS Gray Matters Brain Tumor Society, H4P Humans for People and the Camden Food Bank.

Celebrity Chef on FoodyTV program, Murph’s American Kitchen, TvFoodist he produces 15 chefs 3 farmers and 2 food scientist plus his 5 shows. Including music, but considers himself as a global chef on a mission to feed people. Most people don’t know but chef feeds at 9 soup kitchens every month around the country. His motto “Good Food makes For Better Discussions” and his cuisine style of cooking he calls “Global Fusion Americana” where people send in recipes handed down from generations. Believing we all bleed red. Understanding this from his background he believes food brings cultures and people together. Then they find they have a lot in common. He believes that Chefs/ Culinarian should be well rounded and additionally educated in Farming, Nutrition, and Logistics.  

Chef continually goes to school, not just Culinary Continuing Education because being a member of the American Culinary Federation. Recently finished Diploma Aquaculture, University of Hawaii, and Diploma Aquaponics Engineering at Cornell University, Master Gardner Specializing in Organics, Certificate Child Nutrition Stanford University, Nutrition University of Pittsburg, Soft Matter Engineering, Film and Sustainability at Harvard University, Developing Sustainability Columbia University. Wine, Mediterranean Wine School/ UC Davis UCLA/Cornell University. Chef Murph has written/published over 70+ free books and 800+ articles on cooking, nutrition and farming Currently, Chef Murph’s listed in the top 100 chefs globally and is starting his own TV Network, TV/Radio Program Foodist Live.  

Producing Programs, Everyday Essentials, and Cooking is a Science, Children Can Cook, The Kitchen 101. Culinary Slap Down, OMG I’M FAT.  He is Exec Chef and Founder of Humans4People, Founding Member of the International Hospitality Society of Chefs, Chefs Collaborative, American Culinary Federation, Association of Pastry Chefs, Morning Star Fisherman, Tesla Science Foundation, No Kid Hungry, Clean Plate Foundation MIT Alumni Association, Harvard Alumni Association, Escoffier Alumni Association, VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars, Special Forces Foundation, US Ranger Association, 101sr Airborne Association, US Prawn Growers Association, American Tilapia Growers Association, US Aquaponics Growers Association, Philadelphia Independent Filmmakers Association, PPL Philadelphia Photo League, PANMA Philadelphia Area New Media Association

Military:1980-2005 While in the US Army served E1- E6(P) as an Infantryman, Battalion Commanders RTO/Driver, Division Commanders Assist, Sniper, Machine Gunner, Team Leader Squad leader, Platoon Sgt. Operations Sgt., Nuclear Force Squad leader, Presidential Detail (Football), Nuclear OPS Security Leader, Drill Sergeant. Units Assigned to: 101st Airborne 1/501 2/502, 1/327 Pathfinders, UN Panumjan, Korea, 2nd Infantry Division Korea 1/38, 1st Korean ROK Rangers, Ranger Regiment 2/75th,  Special Forces 1st SFOD-D, 5th Special Forces, 56 CMD Nuclear, Old Guard, Infantry School, NJ National Guard.

Deployed/Lived: Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, Ft. Benning Georgia, Ft. Lewis ,Washington, Chesapeake, Virginia ,Korea, Germany, Egypt, Honduras, Nicaragua, Columbia, Panama, Granada , Iraq, Semolina, Congo, Israel, Bosnia, Hungry, Russia and Afghanistan  

Miltary Schooling: Infantry School, Primary Leadership Development, Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course, Airborne, Air Assault, Pathfinder, Jump Master, HALO  Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare School, Ranger School, Korean ROK Ranger School, French Commando School. Defense Logistics, Defense Language Institute, Drill Sergeant School, Maintenance Management Course, Physical Fitness Trainers Course. SFOD, Nuclear Security OPS.  

Law Enforcement/ Government Services: 1992-1997 
Chef Murph started working for the government as a check processor for Veteran Administration working in the banking and Insurance Division as a GS3 then moved to Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons at FCI Ft. Dix/MCI Manhattan as a Corrections Officer GS5-6 for a Medium and Medium/ Low-Security Facility. Moved/Promoted to Police Officer GS6 083 with General Services Administration. Last appointment to Department of Justice, G2 7/9/11 1811Federal Law Enforcement Officer. US Marshal  Served in NYC, PHL, DC. Appointments to the 1993 Terrorist Task Force, Organized Crime Task Force, Domestic Terrorism Task Force.  Schooling: FLETC Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, GA, Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons, Corrections Officer, Department of Justice, Police Officers Academy/ Federal Officers Course.

Logistics: 1980-Present Chef Murph worked many jobs in this field, from swinging cocoa-beans as a young man hustling and unloading freight. To pulling it across  49 states 4 Providences of Canada. He finished his Associates at the University of Maryland and Bachelors’ of Management, Thomas A Edison State University. Masters in Food Safety, University of Michigan, Having a CDL-A has driven 5.3 million miles Safe Driving. Including Dispatching, Trip planning, Driver Trainer, Operations, and Maintenance.  Company’s worked for: Boyle Brothers Inc., New Century Transportation, JEVIC Transportation, State Metals, Reich/Dependable Transportation, South Jersey Port Corporation, and JB Hunt.   
Logistics Education: MIT Massachusetts Institute and Technology, (Logistics), Rutgers, Logistic Managment KAIST Korean Advanced Institute Science & Technology. Certificate in Advanced Logistic Systems, University of Nepal, Diploma/Certificates: Developing logistics system, Fundamentals logistics, Tower Logistics, SIGMA6, Inventory Control Systems, and All-State Careers School.  

Farming/Aquaponics /Wine
The chef is an Aquaponic Farmer, trained at Morning Star Fisherman Foundation. is a Graduate of Cornell University in Aquaponics Engineering. The University of Virgin Island in Aquaponics Studies and the University of Hawaii in Aquaculture. Author of the American Aquaponics Farmers. Master Gardener Certified in Organics from Gaya College. Chef has 5 farms around the country and a winery. Chef Winery education Included UC Davis Wine Studies, Cornell University Wine production, Australian Wines, Queens College AU, French Wine Studies Paris, and German Wine Studies, University of Ulm Germany.Awarded the title Sommelier from The Mediterranean Wine School.

Chef Murph.... 

Member of the  Board of Directors
Camden Food bank . 

Gray Matter Brain Cancer Society

Ed ja ma cation
University of Michigan 
Masters in Food Safety and Sanitation

Thomas A Edison State College
Business Management, Trenton, NJ

Culinary Education
Culinary Arts, Diploma Escoffier Chicago, IL
Creams and Sauces Cert.
Traditional/Regional Soups Cert
Pastry Arts Diploma Escoffier
World Salts / Spices Certificate, Escoffier
Creams and Sauces’ Cert. Escoffier
Classic Pastry Cert, Escoffier
Battered Based Cake Cert. Escoffier
Cold &Frozen Desert Cert Escoffier
Genoese Cake Cert. Escoffier
French European Classics Pastry Cert, Escoffier
World of Chocolate Cert., Escoffier
Short Dough Cert., Escoffier
Gourmet Cooking Diploma, CIA
Restaurant Management DiplomaPenn Foster
Herbology, Certificate, Penn Foster Scranton, 
Child Nutrition Certificate, Stanford University
Food For Thought Course, McGill University
Nordic Gastrology University of Copenhagen
Chef Sustainability Cert, Stony Creek Inst.
Food Managers Safety Course, Allison 
Top Chef University, NYC, NY
NJ Basic Food Handlers Course Trenton NJ
NJ Food Safety Management Principals Diploma

US Government Education
1980-2003 US Army: Infantry, Sqd Leader,
Platoon Sgt/ Special OPS 
Prim/Basic/Adv Leadership, Airborne, Ranger, TAMMS Maintenance Logistics
Drill Sgt./ West Point instructor /OPS
1984 Soldier of the Year 101st
1986 NCO of the Year 56th Nuclear Team
1992- 18Wk. 083 Federal Police Academy

Farming / Aquaponics /Sustainability 
Master Organic Farmer- Penn State
Cert-Aquaponics with Tilapia,
Univ. Of Virgin Island St Thomas VI
Cert- Fish Farm Mgmt., Aquaculture 101 
University of Hawaii
RAS Engineering, Cornell, University Utica NYCert- Organic Farming, Alison
Sustainability - Harvard
Sustainability Development-Columbia
Intro to Sustainability  Alsion

Cert -Supply Chain Logistics,
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cert- Global Supply Chain Ops-
KIST Korean Institute of Science and Technology
Cert .Supply Chain Ops/SIGMA/
Alison- India Institute of Technology,

Business Skills Certification, Wharton
Finance classes, Federal Reserve, NYC
Digital Marketing Diploma MIT
Geen Business Diploma, Univ. Virginia

Digital Filming Diploma - Harvard
Music design Certificate- Berkeley UCLA

Computer Design Mgmt.
Cert Computer Mgmt. University of Maryland