Good Food, Makes for Better Decisions... Chef Murph


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Volunteer Chef Cooking with his boys Chef Cooks 9 Shelters Monthly





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Clean Plate Foundation
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Executive Chef, Pro Chef, Celeberty Chef trained at Escoffier in  Culinary and Pastry Arts.  ..


Top 100 Chef Blogs in the world over the past 3 years

Celebrity Chef Murph AKA: Keith Thomas Murphy

(Camden NJ) Daddy, Celebrity Chef, Author, Flatbed Cowboy, X Federal Law Enforcement Officer, US Veteran

Can't Change the past but you can change the future.

Chef Murph’s working history spans over 35+ years of including Military, Law Enforcement, Logistics
, Farming, and Cooking. He graduated from Escoffier Culinary Academy in 2008 in Both Culinary and Pastry. Gourmet Cooking, at the Penn Foster, including Herbal studies and Hospitality Management. Member of ACF American Culinary Federation. Including Pastry Chef Society of America. His motto “Good Food makes For Better Discussions” and his cuisine style of cooking he calls “Global Fusion Americana” where people send in recipes handed down from generations. Believing we all bleed red.

Chef Murph....